The Fire Chief, Training Officer and 2 Administrative staff are located at Station 201 from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.  SLCF&R line personnel run the 48/96 shift schedule. In other words; the shifts run 48 hours on duty with 96 hours off. The shifts are split into A, B & C with the following staffing for each:
North Battalion (Creswell Response Area)
  • (1) Captain/ Paramedic 
  • (1) Engineer/ Paramedic
  • (1-2) Resident Reserve Firefighter/ EMT

South Battalion (Cottage Grove Response Area)

  • (1) Division Chief
  • (1) Captain
  • (1) Engineer/ Paramedic 
  • (2) Firefighter/ Paramedic
  • (1) Resident Reserve Firefighter/EMT



Wooten Web1

Fire Chief John Wooten (200) 


 Martindale Web

Administrative Assistant II Leesa Martindale 



Accounting Technician Linda Adler 


 Solesbee Web

Division Chief / Fire Marshal Dan Solesbee 




Division Chief Justin Baird (245) 


Becerra Web1

Captain / Paramedic Mike Becerra (253) 


Hansen Web1

Captain / Paramedic Travis Hansen (256)


 Millam Web1

Engineer / Paramedic Joe Millam (252) 



Engineer / Paramedic Dylan Fitzgerald


Nichols Web

Firefighter / Paramedic AJ Nichols


Resident Reserves:

Horton C Web

Cliff Horton - Firefighter / EMT



Tanner Smith - Firefighter / EMT




Raade Web1

Division Chief Joe Raade (205)

Lyda Web1

Captain / Paramedic Doug Lyda (263) 


Heuser Web1

Captain / Paramedic Tim Heuser (261) 


McMartin Web1

Engineer / Paramedic Brian McMartin (251) 


Beach Web 1

Engineer / Paramedic Stephen Beach


Groat Web

Firefighter / Paramedic Colton Groat


Ogren Web2

 Firefighter / Paramedic Jerry Ogren

Resident Reserves:

        Cowan1 Web

      Annelies Cowan - Firefighter / EMT



Luke Bean - Firefighter / EMT



Smith Web

Division Chief Aaron Smith (257)

Mabie Web1

Captain / Paramedic Brad Mabie (255)


Houck Web1

Captain / Paramedic Darron Houck (250)


Bergeland Web1

Engineer / Paramedic Tyler Bergeland


Ewing Web1

Engineer / Paramedic Chris Ewing 


Cournyer Web

Firefighter / Paramedic Robert Cournyer


Wales Web

Firefighter / Paramedic Alexander Wales


Resident Reserves:


 Kyle Morris - Firefighter / EMT


Bolton Web

Cade Bolton - Firefighter / A-EMT



North Battalion


Chad Andrews - Firefighter / EMT


Horton T Web

Tessa Horton - Firefighter / EMT


 Cooper Web

Christopher Cooper - Firefighter


South Battalion 


 Slaubaugh Web

Phillip Slaubaugh - Firefighter


Josh Fountain - Firefighter / EMT


Williams Web

Jena Williams - Firefighter / EMT


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